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When it comes to designing a custom tattoo we at All About It Tattoo have a strict drawing policy and system that we follow to ensure that the Client and the Tattoo Artist avoid frustration throughout the drawing process. We realize that you want us to design your full Tattoo drawing or sketch prior to your tattoo appointment so that you are able to approve the drawing before your scheduled tattoo appointment. Nonetheless, our drawing policy is in place so that we can ensure our full concentration is on your tattoo/sketch. However, our drawing policy states that all tattoo drawings and custom designs will not be available to the Client until 24 hours prior to the tattoo appointment. This protects the art from leaving the studio.

Our Tattooers are constantly busy tattooing. Due to the high number of custom tattoo drawings our Tattooers have to prepare for on a daily basis. The Artist draw the tattoos the night before there scheduled tattoo appointments. After the references are given to the artist at the consultation, the artist will create the best style he or she can with the references given to create a tattoo that flows with the natural curves of your body. Having trust in your tattoo artist that they have the ability to design your creation with their imagination is key.


All of our tattoo artists get paid by the hour so are drawing policy states that after the Tattoo Artist designs your tattoo, you have to come into the shop physically to see the proof drawing. The drawing or sketch will not be sent through via text message or email or any other physical copy that puts the Tattoo Artist at risk of losing the art. We take our drawing serious so no pictures of any kind are allowed to leave the shop prior to it being tattooed upon your appointment. Again our policies are in place to protect the artist and the tattoo client so that we can ensure a successful system of operations for our tattoo shops drawing policy. Our drawing policy is non-negotiable, No Special privileges.

We have put our drawing policy in place to better help the client by making sure the artist has enough time available to be able to put full concentration into one drawing at a time. As Tattoo Artist we create daily and are very comfortable with our style of art. This policy allows our Tattoo Artist to be able to make changes to the tattoo the day of the tattoo appointment so the artist can take into account the placement of the tattoo, the curvature of the body, and the contrasts and depths that will be needed to flow the tattoo from foreground to background. As Tattoo Artists, we are good at creating tattoos and most of us use different styles and techniques when applying the tattoo design to the skin. It’s hard to understand but having the up most trust and confidence in your Tattoo Artist will allow for a better tattoo design. Most of our Tattoo Artist use skin pains to draw directly onto the skin after applying the stencil to give your tattoo that 100% custom feel.

Our number one goal with our drawing policy is to give the artist and client one-on-one time during a free consultation so that the artist can try to figure out what’s inside their client’s mind while trying to get a grasp on how they want it to look. We make sure that we have enough time on the day of the tattoo appointment so that while you’re there we are able to design on the spot while having exact measurements for the placement of the tattoo.

if you’re looking to get a custom drawing done your first step would be to set up a free consultation after you visit the shop and look at the tattoo portfolios so that you can match the style that you want with the artist who can create it. Once you find the artist that you want then all you have to do is make a deposit and talk to the artist about the ideas you want. Thanks, everyone will see you for your free tattoo consultation at All About It Tattoo

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