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The easiest way to set up a Tattoo Appointment, or get a price quote on a Tattoo is to go directly to the Tattoo Parlor, look over the Artist’s Tattoo Portfolio to ensure you find the Tattooer for your style. If your not 100% about who you want, we will put you with the Best Tattoo Artist for the design your looking to have done. Once you find your Body modification Artist, then you and the Tattooist will sit down for a one on one consultation to discuss the details, arrangement, and size of the Tattoo so its ready for the requested Appointment.

Our Studio is open 7 days a week, 12 pm to 8 pm, so all of our Tattooers work on a different set schedule so that we have 2 days off for family. You are more than welcome to call the shop @ (509)-326-0276 to make sure the Tattoo Artist you want is working. If not, we will gladly pass the inquiry to them for you. If you want to stop by the Tattoo parlor, any artist can do the tattoo consultation with you and forward the info and deposit to the Tattoo artist creating your Custom Tattoo Design.

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Deposit Policy for Custom Designs
All Clients are required to put down a minimum of a 30% deposit that goes towards the total cost of the Tattoo. Your deposit is held by the Tattoo Artist to ensure that your requested Appointment Date and time are held for you, to make sure the artist has enough time to make changes to the drawing, and be able to have complete concentration on your design.
If your Tattoo requires multiple sessions then the artist will inform you before the Tattoo Procedure begins to avoid conflict between the Tattooer and the Client.


Deposits are subject to change depending on the amount of time invested in the drawing preparations Our hourly rate is 150$/hr, But we also offer our FULL DAY sessions and HALF DAY sessions at a Flat Rate.

Hourly Rate 150$

Full Day Session (8-10)HRS-1500$ Deposit Amount Required- 450$
Half Day Session (4-5)HRS-750$ Deposit Required- 225$
All other Tattoo’s- Deposit Required- 30%
Walk-in Tattoos- Deposit Required- 0$

If you Request to stop during Your Scheduled Tattoo Procedure for any reason that is not an emergency, or medical emergency, you will be charged the hourly rate of 150$ an hour for the time invested in the body Art.

All Tattoo Client shall be in Compliance with our Drawing Policy to work with All About It Tattoo Studios Tattooers. Our policies are in place to protect the client, as well as the Artist.

The list below shows the actions taken by you that will VOID your Custom Design and you will Lose your Deposit, and have to restart the Process.

Reason’s you’ll Lose Your Tattoo Deposit.

·If you “No Call No Show” your scheduled Tattoo Appointment Date you will Lose Your Deposit.

·If you Cancel Your Scheduled Tattoo Appointment without 72 notice you will Lose Your Deposit.

· If Your More Then 30 Minutes Late To Your Scheduled Tattoo Appointment without calling the shop to tell your artist, you will Lose Your Deposit. Leave a message as your proof you called.

·I understand that any changes to the Agreed Tattoo, MAY change the agreed Price.

·I understand that my Artist may have to reschedule me at any time without notice, but the Artist will honor your Deposit by moving your Scheduled Appointment Date.

·All Clients may request to move there Tattoo Appointment NO MORE than 3 times within six months. Non-negotiable.

·I realize my Tattoo Artist is busy and it’s my responsibility to contact them via text/ voicemail/ or Email to reschedule. Failure to do so will result in you losing your Deposit.

·If your Artist spends’ time on the drawing, and you decide that you don’t like the art for any reason and refuse to work with the Artist, then you will be billed for the time spent on the Drawing, and you will Lose Your Deposit if Necessary.

· If an artist starts your work, and you feel that you were cheated then you will only be billed for the amount of time the artist has invested in the Body Art at our hourly rate of 150$. No Exceptions, you will Lose Your Deposit if Necessary to pay for the Tattooers Time.

·No Refunds On Gift Certificates

No Sketches/Drawings or Custom Designs will be released before your Scheduled Tattoo Appointment.

(View Drawing Policy for more Info)

Contact us now to get a quote

Contact us now to get a quote

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