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All About It Ink is a top-rated tattoo shop in Spokane. We are located at 54 E Wellesley Ave just South of North town Mall. Come on down and meet the whole inked family from 12 pm to 8 pm 7 days a week. Connect with us by following us on Instagram, give us a like on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on TikTok, and on Google Business. We are a very versatile, highly skilled and professionally trained group of new school down to earth artist. We specialize in the newest styles in the Industry so we push to be one of the Top Custom Parlor’s in town. All About It Ink studio has excellent client to artist customer service.

Our artists take your idea and create one that is unique to you so that each design or sketch is hand-drawn and a one of a kind piece of art. Every style we do is different out of respect for you and your skin. Your piece may take a few sessions to complete depending on the details incorporated into the design. We at All About It Tattoo take the time to sit down with you and go over your references together so we can better understand you and be able to create a one of a kind, original tattoo for you and only you. We use your imagination for our creation making us your best choice for studios.

Start with All About It Tattoo for your custom original tattoo. We have 5 highly trained professional artist. We will exceed your expectations by creating the most vibrant custom designs in the area.

Why Choose All About It Tattoo?

It’s simple, we strive to be the most unique using only the best-advanced technics available in the industry. We are the best choice for hand-drawn design in the Pacific Northwest.

Your search for Art has brought you to the best our city has to offer. Our Body modification studio has 5 outstanding artists that sit down one on one and discuss, then design your dream piece or sketch so it flows with the natural curves of your body. We strive to be the Best Parlor by reworking those old weathered designs and bring back the life while making your expensive skin look ever more unique and vibrant.

All About It ink Artists use the Newest Rotary Machine’s that reduce the trauma to the skin by 30%, we also utilize the newest modern Numbing gels and sprays to make your experience close to painless. We specialize in realism, neo-traditional, Japanese art style, portraits, watercolor, tribal, blackwork, lettering, and cover-ups.

What you can expect from our Spokane tattoo artists?

  • We are a licensed and an insured custom design shop that provides the best tattoo aftercare.
  • All of the Operators are licensed operators in the state of WA.
  • All employees wear disposable nitrile gloves,(no latex).
  • Everyone uses disposable needles/cartridges.
  • All furniture is sanitized before and after every procedure.
  • Everyone uses protective disposable clip cord covers, and machine bags to further prevent cross-contamination.
  • We all utilize saniderm as primary aftercare for new art unless the client has an allergy to latex adhesives.

Our Spokane Tattoo Shop Services

We do it all at All About it Tattoo, you can expect the best and all types of tattoo work done for you with excellence and 100% safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

$100 Minimum
Tattoo’s are Priced per Piece
Yes, we are open 7 days a week 12pm – 8pm. However, we do recommend calling first as we are a busy shop.
Tattoo pain is based on the tolerance of the client and the location of the Tattoo. We do offer several types of numbing sprays and creams to help make you as comfortable as possible.
First, find a design you want or have a custom piece in mind. Then schedule an appointment/Consultation with an artist. Some Tattoo’s can be done right then. While others will require the artist to take some time to draw. Once drawn your artist will notify you to schedule an appointment. There is however a $100 deposit for all Custom Draw Tattoo’s. Most Tattoo’s don’t require this step.

On average, from start to finish it takes about one hour to complete the whole tattoo process. This includes the artists set up and tear down, along with getting you cleaned up and properly and informing you on our aftercare process we recommend.

If you think your tattoo artists went above and beyond for your tattoo then yes, Its important to tip your tattoo artist. Although tattoos are expensive, the artist still has to pay a percentage of the tattoo to the shop. All tips go directly to the artist

Choosing a quality tattoo artist that uses the best equipment and practices safe tattoo procedures is most important. Choosing a artist that lacks the experience needed to create and execute a tattoo will leave you will a lifelong mistake that will end up costing you three times the amount you paid in the beginning.

When it come to the differnt types of tattooing we have:

  1. Classic Americana

  2. New school

  3. Japanese

  4. Black and grey

  5. Portraiture

  6. Stick and poke

  7. Realism
  8. Blackwork

  9. Biomechanical

  10. Geometric
  11.  Realistic Trash Polka

  12. Surrealism

Each one of our artists specializes in a different category so we can better appease the Spokane community

we prefer to do a full consultation before we tattoo our clients. Its important to make sure everyone’s on the same page before we make it permanent.

we recommend getting a small tattoo first so you can get a feel for your pain tolerance. That way in the future you have a good idea of how long you can sit for in one session

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Contact us now to get a quote

Contact us now to get a quote

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