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located at 54 E Wellesley Ave Spokane, Washington. We are just South of North town Mall. come on down and meet the whole tattoo family from 12 pm to 8 pm 7 days a week. Connect with is by following us on Instagram, give us a like and follow on Facebook, Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on TikTok, and check us out and leave us a review on Google Business. We are a very versatile, highly skilled and professionally trained group of new school Tattoo Artists.We specialize in the newest styles in The Tattoo Industry so we push to be the best custom tattoo shop in Spokane, With client to artist customer service.



Our current rate is $150 an hour, with a shop minimum of $100.
We require a 30% deposit to reserve an appointment and that will go towards any drawing done beforehand.
If there is no drawing time required, your deposit will be applied towards the price of the tattoo.


Discover All About It Tattoo’s safety procedure’s

Sterilization And Tattoo Procedures,
What you can expect from Spokane’s Best Tattoo Shop.
Tattoo setup procedures for proper tattoo workstation:

  1. prior to Setup-
    (Skin Prepping)- The Tattoo Artist will clean the skin with alcohol and/or green soap to remove the oils and dirt from the top layer of skin. Then shave the area intended on tattooing resulting in a clean germ-free canvas for the tattoo procedure.
  2. Applying the stencil to the skin:
    The Tattoo Artist will then Apply a small amount of his/her’s desired stencil solution to the skin, then line up the tattoo how the Artist and client want the image to be placed on the skin. the artist will place the stencil, and wait 10 minutes for the image to fasten to the skin for the on-skin tattoo procedure to begin.
  3. Setting up our tattoo workstation:
    the first thing we do before/after every Tattoo is sprayed down our work station and tattoo furniture with magnicide them we wait for the required time designated by the cleaning solvent to ensure your safety and our work surfaces are clean, and contaminant free.
  4. The artist will then Ask You in there Tattoo Station while he/she sets up their Tattoo Equipment to visually ensure you that everything is clean and sterile.
  5. After welcoming you into the artist’s Tattoo Station the artist will sanitize their hand’s and apply gloves to begin setting out the personal protective equipment(PPE) which includes cellophane wrap, plastic disposable clip cord sleeves, and plastic disposable tattoo machine bag’s to protect the tools of the Tattooist and to ensure there’s no spreading of any infection’s to you or future clients. They will then change their gloves, and set up their Tattoo machine with the (PPE) required.
  6. The artist will change their gloves, and begin mixing the tattoo pigments by Shaking them to ensure your tattoo is as vibrant as possible. when done the artist will pour out the inks and prompt you that you are about to begin the tattoo procedure.

Note: When the artist/client request a break, the tattoo will be cleaned, and covered while outside the Tattoo artists station


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    54 E Wellesley Ave, Spokane,WA, 99207

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    Contact us now to get a quote

    Contact us now to get a quote

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    54 E Wellesley Ave, Spokane,WA, 99207


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